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John Yazici

John has ten years of experience with companies performing at the highest level in the social media market. From building his own company achieving over 73 million views in it's second year to leading teams under a network of channels surpassing 20 million followers and 400 million views a month. John has worked along side some of the foremost visionaries and established personalities in YouTube and social media. He has helped build teams that execute in a new market and developed profitable strategies that led not just to increased revenue, but growth in people and teams as well.



Are you a content creator who wants to scale into a valuable brand? We bridge the gap between content creation and companies with impact. Streamline your company growth from building a team, to scaling production and market brand awareness.


Do you have a business and want to scale or enter a new market? We can implement proven strategies, tailored to your business, to increase brand awareness on all social media platforms and maximize your reach.



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